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Conditions suitable for the use of product
Cover 3 V6 is suitable for prevention and as adjunct for recovery of:

Bony Arthritis
Cartilage of the joint in human body is made up of four major elements: proteoglycans, chondrocytes, water and collagen. Among these, collagen is the most important content for cartilages and supportive tissues (tendons and ligaments) (7). Medical studies showed that consumption of collagen can reconstruct wear cartilages and effectively reduce discomfort and complications of bony arthritis (8). Through the synthetic collagen derived from plant in combination with other nutrients, Cover 3 V6 is able to promote synthesis of type 1 and type 2 collagen by providing restorative material to accelerate recovery of damaged joints. 

Arterial health depends on the balance of collagen within tissues of blood vessel. Animal experiments indicate that high content of collagen in blood vessel can result in increased thickness that inhibits absorption of nutrients (as nutrients have to pass through blood vessel to enter into cells), while insufficiency of collagen will lead to fragile blood vessel which is more susceptible to injury and thus forming obstruction or hardening easily (9). Balanced nutrients in Cover 3 V6 can regulate collagen level in the blood vessel based on chemical signaling substance released by tissues of blood vessel to maintain the blood vessel in the best condition of health.

Stress Response System
Multiple brain disorders

Natural nutrients in Cover 3 V6 are able to regulate balance of various neurotransmitters in the body, especially control 80% of functions of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA Axis) by synthesizing or inhibiting certain neurotransmitters and thus is effective to exert therapeutic effect on multiple brain disorders such as senile dementia, amnesia, Parkinson’s disease and etc (10), depression, autism and hyperactivity of children etc.

Accelerate healing of tissues
Collagen is the main structural substance for connective tissues of bone and skin. Natural synthetic collagen in Cover 3 V6 is able to provide materials for healing of injured tissues to accelerate healing of bony fracture or wound. Clinical medical research showed that osseous collagen can fasten healing of bony fracture and all other kinds of wounds (11) meanwhile reduce formation of scar as well as promote growth in children.

Diabetes mellitus
Medical research showed that nearly all diabetic patients face the problem of severely damaged function of collagen synthesis (12) leading to impaired wound closure and other diseases related to collagen imbalance. Nutrient complex in Cover 3 V6 is able to provide complete therapeutic solution for diabetic patients and reduce complications resulting from deficiency of collagen in the body such as diabetic ulcers, extremely high risk of arteriosclerosis, stroke etc.


AIDS or viral infection

AIDS or viral infection causes alteration and breakdown of collagen structure in the body (13). Cover 3 V6 provides collagen and other biochemical active substances for collagen regeneration for those who are infected to minimize complication of infection and promote recovery of damaged tissues due to infection.

Directions of use:
Each box of Cover 3 V6 consists of 15 sachets (20 g each) with plant-derived synthetic collagen and nutrient complex. Adult or children only need to take 1 sachet daily for maintenance of health while 2 sachets daily is taken for assisting recovery from illness. Add 1 sachet of Cover 3 V6 into 250 ml of warm water and stir well. This product is prepared from pure natural plant ingredients without containing artificial additives or animal by-products thus can be consumed by Muslims or vegetarians with assurance.

Storage and precautions:
» Cover 3 V6 must be stored in dry area under room temperature;
» Avoid direct exposure to sunlight;

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